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The projects Web that development is realised completely by hand, from the design to the programming. I do not use any type of group type Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal€¦ is more, these platforms I do not recommend them absolutely. I use the latest in technology for the development of webpages, and that note in my works carried out.


My designs are clean and minimalist. I like to play with the colors, shaping with them the exact design who you look for in your project.


The innovation is the key of the success. My projects are to the last one in programming (HTML5, PHP, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax, jQuery, mySQL€¦).


You will have a manager of contents easy to handle, intuitive and 100% customized one. You will add, publish or erase when you want.


When not using groups type Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, my code will cause that your Web has a very good natural positioning.

If it interests the world to you of Internet and digital marketing, I will have to you informed through my Blog

Who I am?

Carlos Carbonell, Designer Freelance Web

Natural of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, I take from year 2001 in the world of the publicity. Labeller, technician in graphical impression, graphical designer and for more than 10 years put completely in the design and programming of webpages. Self-taught person to the 100%, enchants to me to learn technical new day to day, so that the projects that I realise are to the last one in technology. I am Designer Web in Las Palmas, and from I open myself to the world here€¦

Some of my realised designs

Next I detail to a small sample of my projects and realised designs to you. Seeing them, you will be able to do an idea to you of the form to work that I have and to verify the great level of my works. This way, I will finish convincing to you that I am the indicated person to realise your project.

Design Web
Design Web
Creative development
Design Web
Design Web
Creative development
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