Everything what must know to number blow on the social networks (and its future)€¦

  • 16 of September of 2016
Everything what must know to number blow on the social networks (and its future)€¦

Perhaps somebody doubt still that the social networks have become the great protagonists of our lives? The social mass media have been able to modify the form in which we entertain ourselves, informed and communicated in a time record.

Our habits have varied in a short space of time forcing to the companies and its brands to give an important jump in their strategies with the aim of giving in the morning call of the attention of some usuary that every time appears as more been relaxing. But, which is the real situation of the social networks at the moment?

The answer arrives to us from the last analysis elaborated by Ad Age and that we go to shell to him in this article. The advertising income at global level for the social networks hope that they reach the 50,000 million dollars after 2018.

A forecast in which, without no type of doubt, Facebook one writes down almost two thirds of the cake. Everything a profit if we consider that the number of young people who use the social giant has been falling lately.

In the first graph that we offer to him next gathered by the mentioned head, we see the main social networks distributed according to its use in desktop and mobile, as well as the total of the digital population in the United States (EE.UU.) that resorts to them.


Facebook is elevated without doubt as the king, followed by far by LinkedIn and Instagram.

One of the aspects that more usually matter at the time of speaking of social networks, is the age of the users. In this occasion we spoke of the percentage of total reach of greater digital hearing of 18 years: Facebook (90.4%), LinkedIn (56%) and Instagram (51.9%). In the following graph it can see the data regarding the reach by age groups. We are going to shell the relative information of which it seems to be the absolute king: Facebook.

The social network of Mark Zuckerberg reports the following reaches based on the different ages: 87% between the 18 and 24 years; 98.5% between the 25 and 34 years; 93.1% between the 35 and 44 years; 88.8% between the 45 and 54 years; 93.7% between the 55 and 64 years and a 76.7% in the majors of 65 years.

Quite even data on the contrary that, for example, in the case of the reach by groups of age of Snapchat. This social network obtains a 60.7% between the 18 and 24 years; a 40.2% between the 25 and 34 years; a 17.9% between the 35 and 44 years; a 13.8% between the 45 and 54 years; a 7.7% between the 55 and 64 years and a 3.5% in the majors of 65 years.

We concentrated now in the use that youngest does of the social networks between 2012 and 2015. We see as the percentage of young people that does not use any of these platforms has happened of 86.7% in 2012 to 87.6% in 2015.

Llama the attention the fall undergone by Facebook between youngest happening of a 71.7% in 2012 to 53.9 in 2015. The opposite happens to Twitter where we see that in 2012 he was only used by 22.9% of the American young people growing the percentage the past year until 30.3%.

We now put the view in the income generated by the social networks. In the first graph the data relative to EE.UU. only take shelter; whereas in the second the vision is global.

The forecasts are included in addition to growth for 2017 and 2018 of the hand of eMarketer.

In an analysis of these characteristics the data regarding the social average and mobile could not need. In the graph that we offer to him next it can see the evolution how we have happened of a cost in social means movable publicity of 2% in 2011 until 58% in 2016. The forecasts for 2018 are placed in 74%.

This year, 89.8% of the users of social networks in EE.UU are on Facebook. The company anticipates to take control of until 75.6% of the income by social publicity in EE.UU during this year, as it can see next:

We put point and end to this review with a data: 35% of the participants in the study have thought to increase its influence in social networks and reach name brand in the next year. Here it has some of the interesting answers.

Source: Marketingdirecto.com

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