Social average

Community Manager Las Palmas

The work of the Community Manager can seem simple nothing else€¦ far from the reality. It is necessary to study the public to whom it goes focused, hours of maximum hearing well, to have solids knowledge of design and a high writing level for the contents to publish. It is not without rhyme or reason to put photos or #hashtags in publications€¦ The social networks are very important, not only to obtain followers, if it does not stop to appear in Google better positioned.

Social networks

You need an impulse to your brand or company in Social Networks?

If you look for a Community Manager, he is because you are conscious of the importance of the social networks, and I am the indicated person. The important thing is fidelizar to your clients, to open new markets and to increase the preference of the consumers by your brand. Thanks to a good social management average, you will be able to know what thinks of your company, what is what it interests to them more or because they choose to you. One is not to open social profiles in all the social networks. But of knowing as they are the social networks that better will help us to communicate to us with your possible clients.

Social networks

What social networks I can take to you?

There are many types of social networks and each has its functionality. Depending the type on company that you have, they will need to you some either others, the more, or the less. From Twitter or Facebook, happening through Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Tripadvisor or Linkedin among others€¦ Of all of them, I will make a study to focus the strategy of social marketing that better adapts to the needs of your company, so that the contents that are published are of a high interest for your followers.

Action that I will realise in your social networks

There are many daily actions that are due to do for the perfect operation of your brand in the social networks, but are 4 fundamental ones so that you understand the work that performance without needing having some high knowledge in the matter.

Corporative design
in the social profiles

I will shape your corporative image in all social networks, thus enter where they enter, the users will feel that they are in the same site.

each 24h.

The publications will go focused the potential clients of the network. These publications will become in hours of maximum hearing in the social networks.

in the post published

To interact with the users is very important. To comment a publication in time can entail that a simple user becomes a client.

of the followers

To quickly answer the deprived messages of the users with consultations or recommendations, is very important so that the client feels endorsed.

Other services of socialmedia

    I will do a professional Intro to you with your logo in HD for your corporative videos
    Campaign to obtain 500 subscribers for your Channel of Youtube
    Campaign to obtain 1000 followers of impact for your page of Instagram
    Campaign to obtain 4000 Followers of impact for your page of Twitter
    Campaign to obtain 1000 fans of impact for your page of Facebook
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