Who I am?

Designer Web Las Palmas, Carlos Carbonell

Natural of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), I take from year 2001 in the world of the publicity. Labeller, technician in graphical impression, graphical designer and for more than 10 years as designer Web in Las Palmas. Self-taught person to the 100%, enchants to me to learn technical new day to day, so that the projects that I realise are to the last one in technology.

At the moment work in Web Las Palmas, company leader in Design Web in the Canary Islands and in which I got up myself in 2005. Being the head of the department of creative development from 2011.

Design of webpages, Programming of Applications for mobiles, graphical Design and Community Manager are the fields that I dominate, and of which I give guarantee of which I will carry out a work of first level. Also every week I write in my Blog, or are the news that encounter by Internet, or articles of my own harvest.

Little more€¦ Master the technology, music, the Comic strip of superheroes and mainly, I adore my work.

Why have to be do I the one that I realise your project Web?

Mainly because design and I program from 0 all projects. I do not use any type of group type Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc€¦ this way I can guarantee to you that your project is unique. There is much people who denominate to itself €œprogrammer Web€ using those groups and receiving dinerales, and I assure to you that you yourself with a good tutorial and something of time you can do them equal or better.

If you really want a Web of quality, economic and that is positioned well in Google€¦ you must contract my services.

The process of design more optimal Integra the aspirations of the art, science and the culture.

To part of design of webpages, Applications and graphical design€¦ What other services I offer?

I can design a digital strategy to you for your company within network 2.0€¦ I create, I manage and development daily all the contents so that your social networks follow them more and more following, creating potential clients every day.

If you have some technological project in mind€¦ If you have that idea that you do not stop to give him returned at the top and need to that it develops it to you€¦ Account with me! I will advise you in the steps that you must give, so that your idea stops being a project and it becomes a reality.

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