The consumer orgies online no longer begin in Google, begin in Amazon

  • 26 of September of 2016
The consumer orgies online no longer begin in Google, begin in Amazon

For, when the consumer get ready to buy something in Internet, everything gambled the letter of Google not much and its seeking Almighty. Now it prefers to hang itself of the arm of Amazon search the products that go to buy later making use of e-commerce.

According to a recent study of the company specialized in electronic commerce BloomReach, 55% of the American consumers initiate its €œconsumer orgies€ online This number has been a 25% superior with respect to for a year, when was the first option of 44% of the buyers online.

Throughout the last year the percentage of buyers online that initiate the product searches in web search engines as Google has been contracted remarkably, happening from 34% to 28%.

And not only that. The number of buyers that do €œcheck out€ in stores online different from Amazon has also shrunk noticeably from 21% to 16%.

This traditional tendency is logically the bad news for retailers as Walmart and Target, that lately have reinforced strongly their respective digital equipment to plant face to Amazon.

Anyway, the increasing dominance of Amazon is also an important worry for Google, that it is made after all of gold having located announcements next to product searches. 


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