Caused has Facebook that the brands €œare about to be€ in their social network?

  • 06 of September of 2016
Facebook has caused that the brands

What it happens on Facebook is one of the great examples and one of the best ways to analyze this reality and this potential problem. Whatever it reads one of the many magazines of lifestyles that include advice on the love and the life of pair knows (it is what they alert articles) that to fall in the routine is powerfully dangerous. Once one falls in the routine one has entered a phase of almost absolute decay and is necessary to do something to change the state of the things.

The question can be put in judgment fabric when it is articles on the love and the relations of pair, but is not due to question so much when speech of strategy name brand and positioning of the same. To fall in the routine in this land and to make the things by simple inertia do not seem the best idea to connect with the consumers and to manage to be successful.

And all this can again be a problem, in addition, quite serious when speech of emergent spaces or spaces die in which it seems that there is to be but in that also it seems that the brands are not securing so many things as it could seem (or where they have begun to face more and more new and varied problems), as it happens in the social networks. The social networks have become a place in which the brands do not have remedy more than to have a presence.

The studies and the recommendations of the analysts have during the past few years not made than indicate that reality more and that to prop up that idea. But, at the same time, the brands are facing a more and more complicated panorama in that land and with a decreasing reach, which takes to question why they could be there and also to ask itself what is what they do and why they do it.

They are the brands in social networks letting itself take by the routine?

What it happens on Facebook is one of the great examples and one of the best ways to analyze this reality and this potential problem.

According to data of Facebook, the company pages on Facebook have grown in a 33% lately and already there are some 60 million pages of businesses in the social network. According to the own conclusions of Facebook, the presence of the personnel and the public in the social network are more ligature. The consumers mix both area more and more and are for that reason acceding to personal information of parallel form to the access to information of brands and businesses.

But these data of Facebook run parallel to another niche of information exceeds how they use the companies the social network: the own companies are had lately been complaining which every time they have a smaller reach and of than his updates they remain lost more and more in the middle of the contents. That is to say, no matter how much they publish, their updates have more and more difficult to arrive at feed of the news of their consuming potentials, which does that what publishes can be stayed as preaching in the desert (to less, of course, than they pay and that causes that their contents are positioned for that reason of outstanding form).

Not only the changes and adjustments in the algorithm of Facebook have an impact in how the contents and in how use the consumers accede to them. The certain thing is that the own consumers are working as a police luck that limits the access of the brands its potential clients, since the consumers not always are receptive to the messages of the brands.

We ignore the messages of the brands

In fact, and as it points a global study of Kantar TNS, they are active at the time of ignoring the messages of the brands. A 26% of the survey ones assure that it does not make case to the messages that the brands send in social networks (raising 57% in countries as Denmark or Sweden).

Part of this I disillusion of the consumers before the messages of the brands has been derived from the own evolution of the platforms and their contents. As the social networks gave entrance to more brands and to more announcements, the consumers began to saturate themselves of corporative content and began to see it as excessive. The consumers have begun to feel bombed with the messages of the brands, which causes that they are not receptive to the same. A 34% of the survey ones, in fact, assure that it feels constantly €œfollowed€ by the publicity online.

To be about to be is not a strategy

And thus the circle is closed and it becomes to where we were at the outset: the brands are in the social networks and on Facebook especially because they feel that they must be, whereas the consumers are more and more reticent to their presence and are less and less kind to their messages. The brands can be falling in the trap to be in favor on Facebook simply of inertia and that is not an effective strategy of marketing in social networks.

How to leave the trap? The companies must really think what wants of Facebook and what they hope of his presence in that social network and, mainly, must be conscious that there are €˜more fish in the sea€™ and that a good strategy in social networks implies to know the market well, which includes to the other social networks.


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