Differences between the design adaptive Web and responsive

  • 17 of November of 2016
Differences between the design adaptive Web and responsive

It interests more to have the movable version of your Web or to do a new one that adapts to all the devices? It discovers the difference between both options

Every day, million users are connected to Internet from different devices, but more and more, they do it from movable devices, that is to say, smartphones and tablets. The change in the size of screen and resolution of the same between one smart TV and smartphone for example, is something to consider at the time of visualizing a Web. Navigation using a type or another one of devices changes of radical form and is for that reason that the user experience who offers our Web must adapt to all the formats.

In spite of this evidence, many companies continue seeing the movable devices as something without too much importance and think that with having a Web, with which it can visualize in mobile, is sufficient. It is possible to emphasize three main problems: a too long time of load for the Web in movable devices, the unloadings and the format, that forces to the use of the zoom lens to see the details.

If the form to sail of the user has changed, the brands must have it in account. The rate by ricochet of an adapted Web to mobile is not due to a bad experience of user and possibly, no longer it returns. 

So it dates haste in making your accessible Web to all the devices. Certainly you have heard speak of the adaptive design responsive or. One is a system of flexible programming that allows that the code reorganizes the elements of the Web adapting them to the resolution of screen where they are being visualized. But does adaptive design responsive and mean the same? 

Differences between the design adaptive Web and the call €œresponsive€

As we already mentioned previously, the design Web responsive, restructuring in the screen of the device the elements of the Web to optimize all the space available and to offer an excellent experience of user.

This is obtained establishing some measured of width and margins of design in proportional sizes, instead of establishing values fixed in the pixels. Also it is needed to use €œaverage queries€ and style sheets to be able to fix the CSS corresponding to each size of screen. 

For example, a horizontal menu becomes vertical if it visualizes in smartphones, avoiding scrolls infinite and organizing the content of one better form. The only disadvantage of this technique of design Web is that the elements are not redimensionables, as the videos and banners, that does not change their size following the device.

A design adaptive Web, on the other hand, is not as flexible as responsive. It uses pre-established sizes of screen (computer - 400x100 pixels, home by 240x320 pixels - movable devices). An adaptive design does not need as much code as one responsive for its CSS.

It is for that reason that the recommended option more usually is to use a design Web responsive, although it implies an extra time in its development. The good publishing news is that at the moment they exist Web in cloud that allows us to create online east type of websites, without knowledge of programming and fast and easy form. 

The tendency towards responsive is not something new but an extended form for the future creation of webpages is seen as. Thanks to the new models of publisher, it is not necessary to learn to program or to have great budgets to design your Web multi-device. It is enough with having some minutes and selecting a quality content for your visitors.

Source: Puromarketing.com

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