Apps design

Creation of Applications for mobiles and tablets

Design and development movable applications in Android and iOs, so that the impact of your idea of business is total and coherent with the times that run. The service that I offer to you, happens from an integral consultancy with supervision of each and every one of the steps that there are to follow (communication, corporative design, technologies€¦), to adapted products to agile methodologies of creation of apps designed by my and guaranteed by my years of experience.

Next I detail different the type to you from movable applications that I can offer to you€¦

Apps Android and iOs

Creation of Native Applications

The native applications are those that are developed with the software that offers each operating system to the programmers (SDK). This type of applications designs himself and programs specifically for each platform, unloading later of Google Play or App Store. These apps are updated frequently and in those cases, the user must return to unload them to obtain the last version, that sometimes corrects errors or adds improvements. One of the keys of the native Applications is the Push notifications, so that you understand than I speak, are the notifications that appear in the screen when they speak to you by Whatsapp although you have app closed.


Creation of Applications Web

The base of programming of webapps is the HTML, jointly with Javascript and CSS. In this case a SDK is not used, which allows to program independently to the operating system in which the application will be used. This means that it gives equal the mobile that you have (iOs, Android, Windows Phone€¦) that the application will visualize perfectly. The WebApps do not need to settle, since they visualize using the navigator of the telephone as a normal website. In addition, they are not distributed in a store of applications, but they are commercialized and they promoted independently. With this type of App, the users do not need to unload the update, since he is always going to be seeing the last version.

Another type more

Hybrid movable applications

This type of applications is a combination between the two previous ones. The form to develop them is similar to the one of a WebApp, but once the application is finished, it compiles themselves or it packs so of form, that the final result is as if was a native application. This almost allows with a same code to obtain different applications, for example, for Android and iOS, and to distribute them in each of its stores

Unlike the applications Web, these they allow to accede, using bookstores, to the capacities of the telephone, as one would do it app native.

The process of design and development of one app

The design and development of an application, subsequent to include from the conception of the idea to the analysis its publication in the stores. To the being I who design and them program, all the stages of the project perfectly am coordinated.

Idea and definition
of the project

The result of this stage is to shape the idea of the App, considering the needs and problems of the users. The idea responds to a preliminary investigation and to the later verification of viability.

Design and model-making
of the Application

In the design stage the concepts and definitions of app take to a tangible plane. First the first prototypes will be created to be approved by you, later to begin to program.

Development and
Programming of the App

I will be in charge to give life to the designs and to create the structure on which the operation of the application will lean. Once the initial version exists, we will correct possible failures and we will prepare ourselves for the publication.

Publication in the stores
and promotion in it networks

Finally we will put the App at the disposal of the users in the stores, will realise a pursuit through analytical, statistical and commentaries of users, who will serve us for possible improvements.

That can have your App?

    Geolocalizaci³n: It consists of automatically knowing the geographic location in which we were
    Chat: System of mail integrated between users
    Publicity: Banners advertising in the App, as much to small complete screen as to banners
    Electronic purse: System of payment footbridge€¦ Paypal, Stripe, Credit card, etc€¦
    Languages: Creation of the Apps in different languages
    Users: Registry of usarios as much by own system as by Facebook
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