5 Reasons to have a Webpage

  • 08 of October of 2016
5 Reasons to have a Webpage

Somewhat percent very elevated of the independent companies and of Spain is not connected to Internet. Among others reasons, emphasize the lack of budget to take to end the project, lack of time, or most serious€¦ they think that them it is necessary not to have presence in the network.

After giving many returns him, I summarize briefly in 5 reasons, because of having a webpage of your business.

1. Presentation of your services

To let a study of market to know how to focus your product in Internet he is key. The fact to have a Web where to show to your services or products, it facilitates the life to the user. If you convince to him with the information that in your page finds, it will raise the telephone and it will call to you.

2. The useless expenses in publicity finished

You spend much money in publicity? Flyers? Radio? Massive E-mails? These methods press the possible client but rarely they contact with the company at the indicated moment. But at the moment that somebody him it is necessary your service, looks for in Google and if it finds you, the hiring possibilities raise as the foam.

The free or very cheap publicity is practically impossible. The users who arrive through €œnormal€ searches llam©moslas (organic), do not represent costs. But it is clear that the creation, maintenance and positioning SEO of a webpage, demands one first investment, that following the project, will have a cost or another one.

3. The creation of your Webpage

To create a good Web, although for some lovers of luxury of Internet can seem easy, is not it. It is necessary to have many factors in account, a clean programming according to the canons that Google demands, speed of load, movable device adaptation, URL's friendly, etc€¦ By those reasons always I will recommend that your Web does it a professional of means€¦ Zapatero to its shoes usually says itself.

What if I recommend is that never they take control of groups Drupal type, Wordpress, Joomla etc€¦ There is nothing no better than a code done from zero, that allows you to be a unique Web in the network, and those details will cause that Google considers to you in front of the groups.

A very important thing, is that your Web has a good manager of contents (CMS). Why? Then because the nobody best one than you knows to sell your product, then it is clear that the contents of your services you must put them. As it is always logical, under recommendations of the designer Web, that will guide to you on basic techniques for a good natural positioning. 

4. The classic €œmouth mouth€

Of always the mouth mouth he has been best the commercial one for any company, because in Internet and exactly the same, but multiplied by a million.

If your product or service is of quality, your own clients will recommend to you, and if that recommendation arrives by Internet, if you do not have webpage you are losing a great amount of potential clients.

In this she was technological that we lived, quickly propagates all excellent information through average as the e-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook or other social networks, as well as in the forums of all the life. If you do not have Web, it is impossible that nobody connection your page, resigning to this important channel of recommendation.

5. A good image online

I always say, if to your company you put 7 to him, online must seem that we are a company of 9. This is obtained with a clean and professional image at the time of designing the Web. When they enter our page for the first time, we must give confidence to the user, that feels like insurances of which our company is what they are looking for. For that reason the cause that to size designs a Web to you not only in the programming, if not in his design, you gained whole numbers in front of your competitors.


To have a Web for your company, as much in productivity as in image is very important, but it is more than demonstrated than it is not worth any Web. In all the offices they are the shoddy work and those that work fine, certain are that everybody is created the best one in which does, but one same one does not have to be judged. I always recommend that they see the works that have realised, and that observe the own Web of the company of design or designer Freelance Web. In this world that of €œat home of blacksmith wood spoon€ is not valid, if your you sell image, you have first that to have it.

Carlos A. Carbonell - Expert in Design Web & SEO

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