Legal warning

1. Ownership of the portal Web

This website belongs and is managed by Carlos Carbonell Moreno, with NIF. 44705965z. With the object of the established thing in the Law of Services of the Society of the Information, the direction settles down as contact

This Web offers a nonexhaustive description of the professional services of creation and development Web that can be realised, without exhaustive spirit. In case it is interested in that we offer a solution to him fit to his needs, we requested to him that it is put in touch with us through the previous direction or through form of contact.

2. Object

This page of Legal Warning picks up the conditions of use that regulate the access, navigation and use of this Web, as well as the responsibilities derived from the use, benefit and/or hiring of products or services that, where appropriate, can be offered, as well as of the contents that integrate it, and still with the possibility that his holder can settle down particular conditions that regulate the use, benefit and/or hiring of products or services that, where appropriate, are offered to the Users through the Web. In any case, these particular conditions will comprise integral of the present Legal Warning.

The mere access to this website, the execution of forms, the shipment of information requests, consultations, complaints, supplies of hiring, curriculum vitae and, generally, any act of nature similar to the previous ones realised through the existing forms and/or electronic mailboxes in the Web will imply, on the other hand, the acceptance without reserves of each and every one of the integral norms of the present Legal Warning and the acquisition of the consideration of User of the Web. Consequently, You must read kindly and know the content the present Legal Warning.

3. Responsibilities and limitations

The information contained in this Web is provided for a reason or purpose merely illustrative, without she is exhaustive or clearly descriptive of the characteristics of our services, neither can therefore comprise of a commercial supply nor give rise to claim some by these concepts.

In this sense, the holder does not assume any responsibility by the damages that are derived from the use of this information.

4. Rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property

The contents of this Web are protected by the normative one on intellectual property. This affects to texts, images, videos, animations, design, organization and presentation, as well as to the set that conforms, reserving to the holder the right ones on the same.

In this sense, it is prohibited to anyway modify, to copy, to reproduce publicly, to communicate, to transform or to distribute the totality or leaves from the contents including in this Web, for intentions public or commercial, if it is not counted on the previous authorization, it express in writing and of the holder of the rights to that it corresponds.

Also, the logo constitutes a trademark, being prohibited its use in the market without permission of its holder.

5. Use of cookies

The cookies are files sent to a navigator by means of a Web server to register some activities of the user in the website. The cookies that we installed, our trading partners or other parts when visits this website do not recognize to you personally as individual neither they damage your device of form some; they only recognize the navigator that you use, they allow you to accede to several important functions of the website, maintain safe private areas of the website, remember your preferences, they personalize the content of the website so that he is more pertinent for you and they allow to tell the number us of visits that we received in each page and to make anonymous statistic analyses to improve our service. The types of cookies that we used are provided by Google Analytics for the analysis of the Web and statistics.

In order to activate/to deactivate the cookies you will have to make it through your navigator of Internet. You can form it to be warned in screen of the reception of cookies and to accept them or not individually as well as to prevent by defect his installation in your hard disk. In case your navigator does not accept the cookies by defect, your experience in the website can be limited perhaps (for example, are not correctly the images).

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